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    NPC Interlude NPC Pack v9 [Interlude] NPC Pack v10 [Interlude] 3 NPCs Custom [Interlude] City Guard Manager NPCs [C4-Interlude-CT2.3-H5] Custom NPC With Logo [Interlude] Hera with Effect [Interlude] Npc Buffer Effects [Interlude] NPC UT Rima [Interlude] NPC UT Warrior [Interlude] NPC CT2.3 NPC Pack v11 [CT2.3] NPC PACK v12 [CT2.3] Ert GuildMaster with Effects Interlude] Event Npc StaticMesh and Effect [Interlude] GK with Effect [Interlude] Weapons Interlude Epic Infinity Weapon's [Interlude] Ares Shield [Interlude] Blue Icarus Weapons [Interlude] Atom Weapon [Interlude] Axe Weapon [Interlude] Black Antharas Weapons  [Interlude] Blood Weapon [Interlude] Cosmos Weapon [Interlude] Custom Belive Weapon [Interlude] Custom Diamond Weapon [Interlude] Demonic Weapons [Interlude] Demon's Weapon [Interlude] CriticalError Compile Pack [Interlude] Dramata Weapon [Interlude] Duality Weapon [Interlude] Evolution Weapons [Interlude] Fire Core Weapon [Interlude] Frozen Weapon [Interlude] Gold Weapon [Interlude] Tesla Weapon [Interlude] Titan Fire Weapons [Interlude] Vesper Blue Weapons [Interlude] Vesper Cristal Weapon [Interlude] Weapons Fire [Interlude] Weightless Weapon [Interlude] Soul Desert Weapon [Interlude] Sword and Shield  [Interlude] Tauti Frozen Weapons [Interlude] Tauti Weapons [Interlude] Tera Shield [Interlude] Red Shield Zevs [Interlude] Shield Zevs Blue [Interlude] Shield Cavera [Interlude] Shield Russia [Interlude] Silver Blue Weapons [Interlude] Fusion Weapons [Interlude] Fafurion Weapons [Interlude] Light Weapon [Interlude] Pack Shield [Interlude] Pack Weapon [Interlude] Custom Shields [Interlude] Blaze Weapons [Interlude] ByOrion Icarus Weapons [Interlude] Draconic Bow Gold [Interlude] Emerald Weapons [Interlude] Mystical Weapon [Interlude] Pack Ice Shield [Interlude] Rifle Weapon [Interlude] Weapons Pink [Interlude] 2 Shield (21) [Interlude] Animated Shield [Interlude] Blood Black Weapon [Interlude] Demon Weapons [Interlude] Dual Fire Demonic [Interlude] Freya Weapon [Interlude] GOD Weapon R90 [Interlude] Pack Virus and Tera Shield [Interlude] R95 Weapons [Interlude] Valakas Weapon + Red and Blue Effect [Interlude] Vesper Weapon [Interlude] Weapon (894) [Interlude] Weapon (895) [Interlude] Icarus Orange Weapon [Interlude] Ixion Weapon (1) [Interlude] Ixion Weapon (2) [Interlude] Pack Shield (34) [Interlude] Pailaka Weapon [Interlude] Weapon (16) [Interlude] Weapon Ice (7) [Interlude] Weapons CT2.3 Chaotic Weapon [CT2.3] Christmas Weapon [CT2.3] Cobra Weapon [CT2.3] Colection Boss Shield [CT2.3] Crome Weapons [CT2.3] Demonic Weapons [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Weapon [CT2.3] Dracyid Bow [CT2.3] Dynasty Black Weapons [CT2.3] Epic Shield [CT2.3] Dusk Black Shield [CT2.3] Fantasy Shield [CT2.3] Flaming Mordor Weapons [CT2.3] Glow Pooh [CT2.3] Hades Weapon [CT2.3] Platinium Weapon [CT2.3] Raziel Weapons [CT2.3] Special Weapons [CT2.3] Spiked Pole [CT2.3] MxC Shield [CT2.3] Pack GOD Shield [CT2.3] Pack Shield (IC) [CT2.3] Piece Shirt [CT2.3] Skull Weapon [CT2.3] Fire Bow [CT2.3] Liquid Weapon [CT2.3] Mini Pack Shield [CT2.3] Movie Weapons [CT2.3] Redemption Weapon [CT2.3] Ice Weapon [CT2.3] JCR Weapons [CT2.3] Libra Weapon [CT2.3] Pink Bow [CT2.3] Shiwer Bow [CT2.3] Hard Weapon [CT2.3] Hero Flame Weapon [CT2.3] Huron Golden Weapon [CT2.3] Ice Haze Weapon [CT2.3] Ice Infinity Weapon [CT2.3] Ancient Weapon [CT2.3] Aqua & Reptile Weapons [CT2.3] Champion Weapon [CT2.3] Freya Weapons [CT2.3] Guess Weapon [CT2.3] Goddess of Destruction (R,R90,R95,R97) Weapon [CT2.3] Weapons H5 Amon Weapons [H5] Accesories Interlude Valakas Axe Wings [Interlude] Vergonus Helmet [Interlude] Pack Helmet, Wings, Dreds [Interlude] Action ULTRA Wings [Interlude] Aganim Blue Helmet [Interlude] Aganim Blue Wings [Interlude] Aganim Yellow Helmet [Interlude] Aganim Yellow Wings [Interlude] Agatise Blue Helmet [Interlude] Agatise Blue Wings [Interlude] Agatise Yellow Helmet [Interlude] Agatise Yellow Wings [Interlude] Aion Axe Wings [Interlude] Angry Wings [Interlude] Apocalipsis Wings [Interlude] Astral Helmet [Interlude] Atom and Weightless Helmet [Interlude] Atom and Weightless Wings [Interlude] Wings Fire [Interlude] Wings ROZA [Interlude] Wings SMART [Interlude] Wings Water [Interlude] Wolf Mask [Interlude] Wings [Interlude] Wings Blaze [Interlude] Wings DEMON [Interlude] Wings DRAGON [Interlude] Wings Eternity [Interlude] Wings FELINYA [Interlude] Sauron Helmet [Interlude] Supreme Evil Dreadlocks [Interlude] Supreme Evil Wings [Interlude] Valakas Axe Wings [Interlude] http://uploaded.net/file/m95qbzgd Sealed Immortal (R85) Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Kadesh (R95) Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Moirai and Vorpal and Elegia Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Vesper Jewels [Interlude] 3 Wings [Interlude] Atom Helmet  [Interlude] Atom Helmet [Interlude] Atom Wings 1 [Interlude] Atom Wings 2 [Interlude] Awaking Wings [Interlude] Axe Dreads [Interlude] Axe Helmet [Interlude] Axe Helmet 1 [Interlude] Axe Wings [Interlude] Baium Black Hair [Interlude] Beowolf Wings [Interlude] Bio Plasma Dredy [Interlude] Blood Angel Wings [Interlude] Blood Dreds [Interlude].7z Blood Wings [Interlude] Cold Wings [Interlude] Dark Wings [Interlude] Demon Helmet [Interlude] Diadem Helmet [Interlude] Agro Wings [Interlude] Aura Snow [Interlude] Donate Helmet [Interlude] Felicia Wings [Interlude] Geffers Hair [Interlude] Geffess Wings [Interlude] Gladiator Dreds [Interlude] Goddess of Destruction Jewels [Interlude] Gotten Helmet [Interlude] Gourd Jewels [Interlude] Hallowen Mask [Interlude] Helmet 1 [Interlude] Helmet 2 [Interlude] Helmet Demon [Interlude] Helmet Fire [Interlude] Helmet Master [Interlude] Helmet of Earth [Interlude] Helmet Water [Interlude] Hero Jewels [Interlude] Hero Wings [Interlude] Histeria Helmet [Interlude] Horror Mask 1 [Interlude] Horror Mask 2 [Interlude] Ice Blood Wings [CT2.3] Ice Wings [Interlude] Imperial Wings [Interlude] Infiniti Wings [Interlude] Kadesh Yello-Blue Wings [Interlude] Kunda Helmet [Interlude] Mini Pack Helmet [Interlude] Mini Pack Wings, Dred Baium [Interlude] New Icon [Interlude] Numenor Wings [Interlude] Octavis Jewels [Interlude] Pack Hair [Interlude] NevesOma's Wings [Interlude] New Tattoo 1 [Interlude] New Tattoo 2 [Interlude] New Tattoo 3 [Interlude] Pack BM Epic Jewels [Interlude] Resident Evil Mask [Interlude] Santa Hat [Interlude] Sealed Dynasty Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Eternal (R99) Jewels [Interlude] Wings Green [Interlude] Pack Click [Interlude] Pack Helmet and Wings [Interlude] Pack Vesper Wings [Interlude] Plasma Wings [Interlude] RB Didem Helmet [Interlude] Pack 6 Wings [Interlude] Pack Cloak [Interlude] Pack Drakyl Helmet [Interlude] Beowulf Baium Hair [Interlude] Blaze Helmet [Interlude] Demon Wings (44) [Interlude] DYNASTY GOD Wing [Interlude] Fire Dreds (19) [Interlude] GOD EQUELIBRIUS Wing [Interlude] Maska and Wings [Interlude] MATRIX GOD Wing [Interlude] Mini Pack Dreds (36) [Interlude] Novice Mask [Interlude] Anakim & Lilith Wings [Interlude] Bone Blue Para Staff [Interlude] Helmet (71) [Interlude] Jaka Helmet [Interlude] Jewels Vesper Blue [Interlude] Kunda Helmet [Interlude] Pack Wings Of Aion [Interlude] Resident Evell Wings [Interlude] Resident Evell Wings 2 [Interlude] Risident Matrix Dred [Interlude] Shock Wings [Interlude] Cabelo Baium Dreds [Interlude] Desert Ice Eagle Wings [Interlude] Domi Jewels [Interlude] Freya and Lilith Necklace, Lindvior Earring, Tauti Ring (Jewels) [Interlude] Goku Mask [Interlude] Hellsing Helmet [Interlude] Mask Shadow Spirit [Interlude] Mini Pack Epic Jewels [Interlude] Pack Tattoo Manipulador [Interlude] Wings Ice (46) [Interlude] 2 Aion Helmet  [Interlude] Blood Wings (e33) [Interlude] Demon Helmet [Interlude] Demon Wings Blue [Interlude] Hat (2) [Interlude] Morgana Wings [Interlude] Seraphim Helmet [Interlude] Akamanah (red blue green) Helmet [Interlude] Baium Hair [Interlude] Black Wizard Hat [Interlude] Demon Helmet (2) [Interlude] Demon Wings [Interlude] Hat (4) [Interlude] Valakas (14) Wings [Interlude] Wings (7) [Interlude] Wings (17) [Interlude] Wings and Helmet (22) [Interlude] Accesories CT2.3 http://uploaded.net/file/faf77ce2Akamanah Helmet [CT2.3] Anakim and Lilith Wings [CT2.3] Antharas Mask [CT2.3] Skill Adena-Coin [CT2.3] Templari Jewels [CT2.3] Wings [CT2.3] Wings 1 [CT2.3] Wings 2 [CT2.3] Pack Cloaks[CT2.3] Lighting Cloak [CT2.3] Super-Man Cloak [CT2.3] Zaken Sword, Helmet [CT2.3] Black Cloak [CT2.3] Baium Hair [CT2.3] Electro Helm [CT2.3] Epic Wings (Ice) [CT2.3] Euromoney [CT2.3] Frutifire Jewels [CT2.3] GoD Helmet [CT2.3] Daedric Helmet [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Helmet [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Wings [CT2.3] Despair Jewels [CT2.3] Helmet Glad [CT2.3] Dyansty Helm [CT2.3] Dyes +5-0 [CT2.3] Dynasty Mask [CT2.3] Helmet Tamplier [CT2.3] Hood and Helmet [CT2.3] Istina Jewels [CT2.3] Montana Wings [CT2.3] New Icon 1 [CT2.3] New Icon 2 [CT2.3] Pack Aion Helmet [CT2.3] Pack GOD Jewels [CT2.3] Pack Kamael Wings [CT2.3] Pack Tattoo [CT2.3] Relic Jewel [CT2.3] Relic Jewel [CT2.3] g Pack Cloak [CT2.3] Pack Cloak [GoD] [CT2.3] Armors Interlude Anakim Armor [Interlude] Aidios Armor [Interlude] Anakim Costume [Interlude] Apocalypse Blaze Armor [Interlude] Apocalypse Blood Armor [Interlude] Apocalypse Fire Armor [Interlude] Apocalypse Ice Armor [Interlude] Ares Armor [Interlude] Armor by Teoma [Interlude] Armor Legendary [Interlude] Atom Armor [Interlude] Aulakiria Armor [Interlude] Avangard Blue Armor [Interlude] Avangard Yellow Armor [Interlude] Akronos Armor + Elite Breastplate [Interlude] Black Armor [Interlude] Death Armor [Interlude] Red Armor [Interlude] Zaken Blue Set [Interlude] Dynasty Armor and Weapons [Interlude] Blood Armor [Interlude] Black Vesper Armor [Interlude] Beleth Armor [Interlude] Black Dragon Armor [Interlude] Benom Armor [Interlude] Axe Armor [Interlude] Celestial Tauti Armor [Interlude] Christmas Cloth [Interlude] Crystal Armor [Interlude] Dark Dynasty Armor and Weapon [Interlude] Death Armor [Interlude] http://uploaded.net/file/hdrrkskr (File deleted) Real Armor [Interlude] Real Fire Armor [Interlude] Real Water Armor [Interlude] Single Mesh Armor [Interlude] Ultimatum Armor [Interlude] Pack NoControl Armor, Helmet, Wings [Interlude] Pack Vesper Orange Armor and Weapon, Wings, Helmet [Interlude] Pack Vesper Red Armor, Weapon, Helmet, Wings [Interlude] PRO Jewels [Interlude] Purple Ixion Armor [Interlude] Kunda Armor [Interlude] Numenor Armor [Interlude] Olympus Armor [Interlude] Pack Armor and Weapon (la2world) [Interlude] Pack Armor, Weapons, Wings, Helmet [Interlude] Ice Ixion Armor [Interlude] Immortal Armor [Interlude] Intact Armor [Interlude] Just Armor [Interlude] King Resident Armor [Interlude] Goddess of Destruction Armor (R90 R95 R97 R99) [Interlude] Gotten Armor [Interlude] Green and Black Armor [Interlude] Hell Armor [Interlude] Ice Armor [Interlude] Element Blade Armor [Interlude] Ferrum Armor [Interlude] Fire Armor [Interlude] Gloves [Interlude] Aida Armor [Interlude] Bio Armor [Interlude] Bio Llazma Armor [Interlude] Bio_Nix Armor [Interlude] Blaze Armor [Interlude] Blue and Yellow Character Aura [Interlude] Falien Biowolf Armor [Interlude] Fire Armor (95) [Interlude] Fire Armor (98) [Interlude] Fusion Armor [Interlude] Dynasty Colored Armor [Interlude] Gold Eternal R99 Armor [Interlude] Green and Yellow Character Aura [Interlude] Ice Armor (96) [Interlude] Pack Armor, Weapon, Icon, Wings, Helmet [Interlude] ResiDenT Evell Armor [Interlude] Resident Matrix Armor [Interlude] Soul Desert Eagle Armor [Interlude] Vesper Dragon Blue Armor [Interlude] Water Armor (47) [Interlude] Antharas Armor [Interlude] Demonic Armor [Interlude] Inferno Armor [Interlude] Vesper Green Cannabis Armor [Interlude] Blood Armor & Weapons [Interlude] Blood Poseidon Armor [Interlude] Blue Armor & Weapons [Interlude] Demon Armor[Interlude] Ice Vesper Armor [Interlude] Dark Electro Armor [Interlude] Gold Armor [Interlude] Gretres Ixion Armor [Interlude] Pack Jewels (New Icon) serv. La2-Nika[Interlude] Zaken Sword [Interlude] Tiger Armor [Interlude] Armors CT2.1 Naruto Cloth [Gracia Part 1] Armors CT2.3 Again Armor, Wings, Tatoo [CT2.3] Legion Armor, Helmet and Wings [CT2.3] Sky Armor [CT2.3] The 17 Heroes Armor [CT2.3] Infinity Armor [CT2.3] Mitrael Armor [CT2.3] Naked Patch [CT2.3] Natural Draconic Armor & Weapons [CT2.3] Goddess Of Destruction Armor [CT2.3] Green, Purple, Black Draconic Armor [CT2.3] Ice Dragon Armor [CT2.3] Ice Vesper Armor [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Armor [CT2.3] Epic Dark Knight Armor [CT2.3] Freya Armor [CT2.3] Armors [H5] Odyssey Armors [H5] Fix for Female DE Sets stocking out from Under Cloak [H5] Rankers Costumes [H5] Credits by SHEV, Empatic, NevesOma, deMEV, SGERfjs, Rolo and others unknown
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    Спасибо, разобрался. Нужно было просто существующий байлист отредактировать, а не городить черт пойми что))
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    Когда делаешь лобби анимации 2-ю неделю....
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