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  1. Free

    Легендарный La2-Ares.Pw [Фулл проект]

    В комплекте внутри
    патч сборка + сурсы все дизайны + psd + зимний дизайн копии, и бэкапы старого ареса, старого лк, и стрессвеба. графика баннеры, и кучу всякого хлама.



  2. Free

    Online Generator [IPS 4.7.X]

    Плагин для генерации фейкового трафика/онлайна на форуме.
    По большей части обновлён и изменён. Исправлена работа на IPS 4.8,4.7,4.6. Исправлена работа на PHP 8. Исправлена генерация браузеров и их версий. Расширен пул генерируемых браузеров и обновлены их версии до актуальных. Удалены некоторые локации для посещения участников и гостей. Добавлена возможность изменять интервал генерации трафика. Добавлена возможность выдачи достижений за регистрационные дни и ежедневные заходы. Добавлена возможность генерации случайного количества трафика. Добавлена возможность отключения автоматического удаления сгенерированных сессий. Т.е. удаляться они будут системой, как и обычные сессии. Лучше не трогать, позже удалю её, скорее всего.



  3. Free

    Invision Community Nulled [4.7.9]

    Added support for Emoji 14.
    Added a minimum of one day end date to Alerts.
    Improved the database checker to change member id columns to BIGINT if they are nearing a limit.
    Improved performance in some situations when posting content.
    Improved outbound connection speed when connecting to the same host multiple times.
    Move web app settings to a new controller in the AdminCP.
    Fixed an issue where moving conversations between folders may move to the wrong folder or fail to move.
    Fixed an issue where the member_create webhook wouldn't include custom profile field data.
    Fixed an issue where club settings would be shown on the ACP-Settings-Clubs page even if clubs were disabled.
    Fixed an issue where "this club" was not set as the default search context when viewing clubs.
    Fixed an issue where deleting a post from a hidden topic could remove the topic from the activity streams.
    Fixed an issue where the same emoji may show in the shortcode popup more than once where the name is the same.
    Fixed an issue where pasting files into the editor may display an unsupported file type notification.
    Fixed an issue where profanity filters were being applied to account email addresses.
    Hid ACP statistics blocks for Clubs when Clubs are disabled.
    Fixed an issue where users could edit comments that were hidden by a moderator.
    Hid member-menu in ModCP Approval Queue when reviewing content posted by guests.
    Allow users to reply to alerts even if they have messenger restrictions that would prevent them from doing so.
    Allow iOS/Safari notifications from Safari 16.4 onwards.
    Accordion titles on the Notifications settings page now wrap to multiple lines if they're too wide for the browser window.
    Increased number of days PayPal Subscriptions are checked for payments.
    Updated PayPal integration to v2 API where appropriate.
    Updated PayPal Payout API to latest version.
    Updated Maxmind integration to latest API, added support for tracking pixel.
    Fixed an issue where a customer may be charged before accepting the terms and conditions when requiring T&Cs and using Stripe.
    Fixed an issue where incoming emails containing '-' or '.' may be discard.
    Fixed an issue where a fatal error is thrown during email processing if the email character set is not supported by current PHP configuration.
    Deprecated Authorize.net, Braintree and 2Checkout payment gateways.
    Removed Hosting Reseller support.
    Added the media URL to the ACP - Media Details sidebar.
    Added the ability for records to use the publish date field when synchronising with forum topics.
    Fixed an issue where the Media Preview Image wouldn't be shown on the ACP - Media Details page.
    Fixed an issue where it was possible to create paths that conflicted with system folders.
    Fixed an issue where comment counts displayed in the record feed when comments were disabled.
    Added support for mark solved in clubs.
    Removed an unnecessary span tag from the rows template.
    Added the moderator checkbox to grid view as it was previously missing.
    Added status badges (pinned, hidden, etc) to the grid view.
    Padding has been added to grid cells while viewing files in profiles.
    Added some customization options to the Overview page.
    Now, when searching for images via the "Insert other attachment" editor option, searching by album name returns images from that album.
    Added links to subscribe to and download iCal events on the overview page.
    Fixed an issue where the "All Calendars" dropdown link would load the overview page instead of monthly view.
    Fixed an issue where the 'Copy Event' link would be shown even if the member had no permission to create new events in the calendar.
    Fixed an issue where recurring events would time out for some locales and languages.
    Fixed an issue where venue events may not show on the happening near me map.
    Added basic support for converting [table] and



  4. Free

    IPS 4.7.4

    IPS 4.7.4



  5. Free

    Invision Community Nulled 4.7.0

    Что нового в версии 4.7.0   
    All platform key changes:
    New Alerts feature
    Improvements to the fluid mode per forum view
    hCaptcha added as a new CAPTCHA option for use on the Contact Us form and when accepting guest posts
    Ability to only log searches from specific member groups
    New solved/unsolved filter for activity streams
    Speed improvements when rebuilding Elastic Search indexes
    Fixes and improvements to our Zapier integration
    Self-hosting platform key changes:
    PHP minimum version increased to 7.4
    Support for PHP 8.1
    Cloud platform key changes:
    New product architecture to consolidate existing cloud functionality and to provide forthcoming features
    [BETA] "Real time" notices when others are reading and replying to the same topics as you
    [BETA] Image processing and moderation
    [BETA] Sentiment analysis data collection
    [BETA] Trending content
    Additional Information
    Added alerts functionality.
    Added hCaptcha support.
    Added a setting to exclude groups from search logs.
    Added support for PHP 8.1.
    Increased minimum PHP version to 7.4 and recommended version to 8.0.
    Added a solved/unsolved filter for activity streams.
    Added an option to enter the main site's URL and name for JSON-LD if different from the community's URL (eg, installed in a directory or sub-domain).
    Added AdminCP keyword for 'solution' to guide admins to forum edit/add forms.
    Changed Marketplace search to 'AND' mode for more accurate results.
    Changed 'member download' to output comma-separated values instead of tab-separated values to be consistent with member import.
    Changed the poll behaviour to allow everybody to view the poll result of closed polls.
    Improved the email editor to show the full email name while editing it.
    Updated CKEditor to 4.19.0.
    Moved the stream subscription links to an own menu item.
    Fixed an HTML validation error for embeds.
    Fixed an issue where private messages that the user could view may show in trending content.
    Fixed an error when deleting pages from clubs.
    Fixed an issue where achievement rules were not removed when an application is deleted.
    Fixed an SQL error that may show when viewing the top referrer statistics in the admin control panel.
    Fixed an issue that may prevent attaching audio files to content.
    Fixed a minor typo in the forms.css template.
    Fixed upload area not showing on minimized editors for guest users.
    Fixed an issue where post counts were incremented even when a new item was held for approval via the profanity filters.
    Fixed an issue where filters and sort options do not persist between deleting members in the Admin CP.
    Fixed an issue where sitemap may show entries from offline applications.
    Fixed an issue where support account may show as the latest registered member.
    Fixed an issue where the upgrade process would fail to finish because of duplicate DB queries.
    Fixed an issue where the default streams had a broken time period.
    Fixed an issue where widgets may not be available even with enabled apps.
    Fixed an issue where status updates where appearing as search results even if the user had no permissions to view profiles.
    Fixed some issues with the online status indicator in account settings.
    Fixed an issue with deleting bulletins when deleted remotely.
    Fixed an issue where clicking on the reorder-menu link in clubs can add multiple reorder icons.
    Fixed an issue where managing Widgets via the AdminCP > Applications > Dev Center meant that Yes/No toggles could fail to work.
    Fixed an issue where the block submission filter failed to catch loose matches when in the middle of a word and/or using non latin characters.
    Fixed an incorrect link on a modal popup when trying to follow a member when the member hasn't configured their preferences.
    Fixed an issue fetching Clubs via the REST API when they have custom fields.
    Fixed an issue when viewing a list of awarded badges if one was earned by a rule in a deleted application.
    Fixed a missing </ul> in the poll template.
    Fixed an issue where the 'approved content' notification (and any newly added notifications) might not have valid default options until edited via AdminCP.
    Fixed missing padding on the AdminCP file locations modal.
    Fixed some UX issues when revoking an OAuth access token.
    Fixed an issue where non-image attachments inserted via the editor may not download.
    Fixed a missing language string in member history when spam defense system applies moderation to a new member.
    Fixed an issue with 'solved' push notifications linking to a non-existent page.
    Fixed an issue with the Zapier Extension when PHP was running in CGI mode.
    Fixed an issue where rank progress would still show in profiles when no ranks exist.
    Fixed an issue using the ban filters in member group promotion rules.
    Fixed an issue with announcements when loaded outside of the framework.
    Fixed an issue where OpenSearch failed the version check when configuring.
    Fixed an issue where toggling editor source mode may cause errors with certain blockquote html.
    Fixed an issue embedding some external content when PHP 8 is used on Windows/IIS when a storage location is absolutely defined.
    Fixed an issue where the members block may show spammers, banned and validating members.
    Fixed an issue with viewing member points/badges in AdminCP if either had been awarded by an application that has been deleted.
    Fixed an issue where RSS imports set to be hidden on creation were still visible in the activity stream.
    Fixed an issue where CKEditor would double paste images if "paste as plain text" was enabled.
    Fixed an issue with tracking email click statistics when a URL is really long in an email.
    Fixed an issue where some members in group that is set to force anonymous status may not be anonymous.
    The Editor Preview Button was removed from ACP Editors.
    Removed the deprecated FX Country code from the Geolocation class.
    Removed the ability to rebuild existing attachment thumbnails due to an incompatibility with content attributes required for lazy-loading.
    Removed the SQL Toolbox.
    Improved the fluid-mode per forum filters to remove a page reload, and to reverse the filter checkbox status to make it clear which are being viewed.
    Fixed an issue where checking an archived topic for new replies when you ignore other members may always show a 'new' post has been created.
    Fixed an issue where top posters in the topic statistics section may show in the wrong order.
    Fixed an issue with the followed Gallery Images page.
    Fixed an issue with rebuilding thumbnails on legacy communities where the original image may no longer exist.
    Removed some deprecated sitemap tags.
    Added the missing __indefart_cms_page language string.
    Added copy buttons on the modal that displays the HTML to copy to embed blocks elsewhere.
    Improved search indexing speed of comments when Elastic Search is used.
    Fixed an issue where sorting by a numerical field could duplicate the option with an incorrect label.
    Fixed issue with 'image upload' block carousels not working in the sidebar
    Fixed an issue where custom Yes/No fields when used as a database filter were ignored when further sorting.
    Fixed an issue where categories could have broken breadcrumbs.
    Fixed an issue where entering a blank value for a required decimal field would save the value as 0.
    Fixed an issue where using a Yes/No field as a database filter may cause the custom sort form display to not allow toggling of the Yes/No field.
    Fixed an issue that allowed duplicate template group names in some circumstances.
    Fixed an issue where who's online widget blocks would throw an error while creating or editing them in the ACP.
    Removed the block output preview in the ACP while creating/editing it.
    Fixed an issue rebuilding some profile photo images.
    Fixed an issue where vBulletin [video] tags would not be parsed if the video ID contained a hyphen.
    Added a notification email when tracked invoices expire.
    Added ability to require an active subscription to use community.
    Added support for Stripe - Apple Pay Domain Verification Files on Cloud.
    Improved Subscriptions including up/downgrading to other subscriptions and offering limited free subscriptions.
    Improved performance when updating a large number of existing purchases.
    Removed deprecated Amex Express checkout options.
    Fixed some issues that can occur when requiring a subscription or product to be purchased during registration.
    Fixed an issue where a card would not be auto-billed if the customer did not have an address.
    Fixed a niche issue where a renewal invoice (for manual payment) would not be generated if a PayPal Subscription was cancelled on an active purchase.
    Fixed an issue where account credit would not be used for an invoice if the credit remaining was the exact value of the invoice.
    Fixed an issue calculating the next renewal date when upgrading between Subscriptions that may use a different renewal period (i.e. monthly vs annually).
    Fixed an issue where setting the member for a stock action could fail.
    Fixed an issue where the contact name would not show when a support request was created via the Contact Us form.
    Fixed an issue where the day view wouldn't show todays events when it's being used as the default calendar view.
    Fixed an issue where change logs may show the wrong published date if the file description had been edited since the last update.
    Fixed an issue where creating a downloads category with the "Keep previous versions?" Setting being disabled would result in a DB error.
    Added real time and historic trending data in sidebar blocks and leaderboard.
    Added Sentiment Analysis stats charts
    REST, Webhooks and Zapier
    Fixed an issue where the 'hidden' content item filter would be ignored for any content type except topics.
    Fixed an issue where the date parameter for the 'Edit a topic' endpoint was not updating topic/post post date.
    Changes affecting third-party developers and designers
    Added PHP 8.1 support, however we have silenced deprecation errors for core applications and system directory as we work through those in the following releases.
    Updated Whoops to 2.14.5
    Fixed an issue where managing MFA in the Account Settings would result in an IN_DEV CSRF key warning.
    Fixed an issue where you could not pass variables to the {hextorgb} theme plugin.
    Fixed an issue where cresting or editing a forum with IN_DEV being enabled would return an error.
    Fixed an issue with ips.ui.infiniteScroll.js when using FURLs.
    Fixed a syntax error in the core unsubscribeStream.txt email template.
    Fixed an issue where records were not removed from core_follow_count_cache when an application was uninstalled.
    Member filters will only be processed/visible for group promotions if they have a matches() method.



  6. Free

    Silent Interface Interlude

    Простой, и крутой интерфейс файлы не шифрованы вы можете редактировать под себя данный интерфейс



  7. Free

    Invision Community Nulled 4.6.7

    Какие изменения?
    Добавлены Подписки На Потоковые Передачи. Добавлена возможность создания публичных секций в закрытых клубах. Добавлена поддержка Zapier для автономных лицензий. Добавлены стандартные ответы всем редакторам. Улучшены виджеты онлайн-участников, позволяющие отображать просматривающего пользователя, когда он не является анонимным, когда блок кэшируется. Исправлена проблема, из-за которой фоновые изображения в продвигаемых потоках иногда загружались неправильно Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой специально созданный URL-адрес мог вызывать неперехваченное исключение. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой поля профиля были неправильно отформатированы. Исправлена потенциальная проблема с добавлением тегов к контенту при использовании PHP 8. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой в списке участников панели управления "все" отсутствовала информация для проверки. Исправлена проблема с редактором тем интерфейса, возникающая в PHP8. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой при отправке электронной почты мог выполняться медленный запрос, если ранее не удавалось отправить большое количество сообщений электронной почты. Форма сообщения элемента содержимого по умолчанию закрыта, с цветной рамкой вокруг редактора для обозначения статуса конфиденциальности. Коммерция Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой могла возникнуть ошибка, если уведомление о подписке PayPal поступало после отмены подписки. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой невозможно было изменить дату истечения срока действия подписки. Преобразователи Обновлен конвертер XenForo для версии 2.2.x. Изменен набор символов по умолчанию для сеансов преобразования с utf8 на utf8mb4. Исправлена проблема с импортом вложений из XenForo, если вы ранее конвертировали их в XenForo с другой платформы. Исправлена ошибка, которая могла возникнуть, если Конвертер пытался удалить ссылку на контент. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой преобразованные упоминания могли содержать статический URL-адрес (нарушающий их при смене домена). Исправлена проблема со статистикой тегов сразу после преобразования. Исправлена проблема, из-за которой некоторые темы не скрывались (но их сообщения были) после преобразования из vB5. Страницы Исправлена проблема с отображением конструктора страниц: виджет "Загрузка изображений" при использовании с заданной высотой блока. Календарь Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой удаление событий завершалось ошибкой при вызове через задание cron. Исправлена проблема с фильтром участников поля профиля, из-за которой поля даты возвращали значение false для групповых рекламных акций. Форумы Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой восстановление количества содержимого участников могло завершиться неудачно из-за неработающих настроек подключения к архивной БД. Загрузки Исправлена неработающая ссылка "Купить" внутри вложенных файлов. Изменения, затрагивающие сторонних разработчиков и дизайнеров Переключил порядок параметров для \IPS\конвертировать\Библиотека\Ядро::CONVERTRSSIMPORTED() (PHP8)



  8. Free

    Traffic Generator 1.0.13/12/11/10

    Все версии в одном архиве от 1.0.13 до 1.0.10 - лицензия

    Traffic Generator - Плагин позволит генерировать фальшивый трафик из зарегистрированных пользователей на вашем форуме.



  9. Free

    Invision Community Nulled

    Список изменений сделанный в данной версии, также русский язык лежит прямо в архиве.
    Increased the strength of the obfuscation hash appended to non-safe files and increased security on iFrame based embeds in posts.* Added support for Brightcove video embeds. Improved MySQL efficiency when deleting members. Set a default value for the search flood time when creating a member group. Improved logging for errors returned by Elastic Search. Added delete & merge logic for the logins log on member deletion and when 2 accounts are merged. Fixed an issue when upgrading to 4.5.0 with duplicate keys when consolidating the referrer tables. Fixed downloading files with non-latin character downloaded with corrupt characters in Edge and Chrome. Fixed broken links in the our picks widget. Fixed an issue where the Oauth1 Login Handler would use a not existing method to log any upcoming errors. Fixed the rank title not displaying correctly in new rank notification emails. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to alter file storage configurations in some circumstances. Fixed an issue where achievements would show in a hovercard for a member in a group that has achievements disabled. Fixed an issue where badge images could be uploaded with the same name, thus deleting one could delete many. Fixed an issue where ranks show on the AdminCP member list when Achievements are disabled. Fixed an issue where anonymous users may be cached in Who's Online blocks. Fixed an issue where a reserved keyword is used (specific to MySQL 8.0.17/18) Fixed an issue with Elastic Search not being able to index anonymous content. Fixed incorrect timezone detection for users in Argentina. Fixed an issue where the notifications page could throw an exception while trying to return notification data from plugins or not existing notification extensions. Fixed inability to upload WebP images to Group Icons and Ranks/Badges. Made a minor change to ensure the registration page is not cached by a web browser. Expired warning points are now differentiated between active warning points in member profiles for improved clarity. Fixed an issue when creating a record in the Admin CP and choosing another member as the author would not fire achievements for that author. Fixed an error attempting to copy a topic to a database that is not on a page. Fixed some missing language strings which would result in a failure while creating a review. Fixed an issue where Topics would not refresh when selecting Forums in Fluid view. Fixed malformed JSON-LD markup for archived topics. Fixed an issue where parent was required but not marked required when updating a forum via REST API. Fixed an issue where legacy deleted posts are not removed correctly when upgrading from Invision Community 3.x. Fixed an issue where copying a topic to a database would result in an IN_DEV CSRF key warning. Set a default value for the 'Time user must wait before download starts' group setting while creating a member group. Fixed an issue where a large file description may not save if it is larger than 64kb. Added Invision Community converters for Downloads & Gallery. Fixed some minor issues encountered during an Invision Community conversion. Fixed an issue where the Billing Agreements synchronisation task wouldn't check payments via PayPal Subscriptions API. Fixed the members/follows POST endpoint which would return an error when trying to follow some content. Fixed an issue where copying a calendar event with a broken cover image would result in an exception.



  10. Free

    Модуль приема платежей Enot.io

    Готовы модуль для приема платежей Enot.io 
    Инструкции настройки https://enot.io/knowledge/first-payment



  11. Free

    Invision Community Nulled - 2020

    Обновления - вместе в архиве сразу лежит ланг пак для всех компонентов
    Block binary/octal/hex/decimal based hostnames from being submitted in forms that could trigger an SSRF. Gfycat OEmbed endpoint could create XSS. Also informed Gfycat of issue. - Thanks to René Kroka - https://renekroka.cz for reporting this issue. Addition attachment permission checks when downloading attachments.  
    Fixes an issue where cookies set by javascript are not stored permanently Commerce
    Fixes an issue when paying with PayPal  



  12. Free

    Invision Community Nulled 4.4.7 - Октябрь обновление 2019

    Fixed external video URLs being embeddable which could allow htaccess prompts for Firefox users, which could be manipulated for social engineering.
    Fixed SSRF vulnerability if image proxy is enabled.
    Fixed GET data overwriting POST data when submitting a form.
    The gateway files for downloading attachments now issue a Content-Security-Policy header.
    Clarified verbiage on button when resuming a UTF8 conversion.
    Added a message for when REST API test fails due to a path conflict.
    Added the ability to fetch members via the REST API with activity_before/activity_after parameters.
    Added `device_key` cookie information to the cookie page.
    Adjusted Community in the Cloud auto-upgrader interface for future upgrades as the existing progress bar was inaccurate.
    Adjusted the Friendly URL list to allow legacy customised URLs to be reverted.
    Updated 'username' verbiage in some areas to refer to 'display name' instead.
    Users will now be redirected directly to reviews they submit rather than back to the item.
    Fixed individual comments sometimes showing in “Items Only” streams when using Elasticsearch.
    Fixed an issue where content may not be presented in Elasticsearch searches after it is updated.
    Fixed an issue where anonymous state can be lost for sessions when using Redis for session handling.
    Fixed errors viewing and rebuilding the leaderboard, using post before registering and viewing social promotion when MySQL 8.0.17 is used.
    Fixed a duplicate column error that may be logged when upgrading.
    Fixed an error that can occur when tracking email statistics if the email is sent from a task.
    Fixed an issue where uploading a new version of a theme may not immediately reflect changes when using disk caching.
    Fixed an issue where editing some login handlers (Facebook, Microsoft, etc.) can break in some situations when editing their details.
    Fixed unstyled content showing in Firefox on pages containing embeds if lazy-loading is enabled.
    Fixed an issue were re-promoting content may not correctly show the selection state of existing image attachments.
    Fixed a rare niche issue where it's possible for a digest task to get stuck in a loop.
    Fixed an issue with unapproved comment notifications in situations when merging content and retaining a link.
    Fixed an issue where it's possible to cause an uncaught exception by manipulating the URL for a content item that doesn't support reactions.
    Fixed an issue where MySQL search index records were incorrectly deleted.
    Fixed a missing language string on the 'Support Account' AdminCP notification when Commerce isn't present.
    Fixed an issue with the LDAP login handler where error messages during set up may not be descriptive.
    Fixed an issue where the empty BreadcrumbList ld+json tag would be added to the output.
    Fixed an issue where it was possible to bypass profanity filters when using quick title edit.
    Fixed an issue where admin control panel failed mail notifications could show a template error.
    Removed options for content widget feeds to return hidden content added in 4.4.5 which has been unreliable
    Fixed “Reply to this topic” button not working for guests
    Fixed an issue where the ACP - "Popular Now" forum settings couldn't be saved.
    Fixed an issue where the upgrade could fail because of missing database columns.
    Fixed an error when pasting a page link into an editor, it displayed as an embed of the entire site.
    Fixed permissions not synchronizing properly when changing a database from using categories to not using categories.
    Fixed Editor fields pre-populating content from other records when the "Editable when viewing a record" setting is used.
    Fixed an issue where externally embedded blocks do not work if "Allow community to be embedded in an iframe" is not set to "Anywhere".
    Fixed all day event dates showing incorrectly in email notifications in some timezones.
    Fixed an issue with top downloaders/submitters statistics page losing filters when changing pages.
    Fixed an issue with downloads storage handler custom URL when upgrading from 3.x.
    Fixed an issue with top uploads statistics page losing filters when changing pages.
    Improved converted row caching when running multiple conversions back-to-back.
    Conversions will now explicitly strip HTML tags in member titles.
    Attempt to correct corruption of serialized profile field data during conversion from vB.
    Fixed a potential issue that can occur converting vB Blog.
    Fixed certain data not being converted (affects SMF, vB5, Vanilla, phpBB, UBBThreads, Expression Engine).
    Fixed an issue where the 'manage conversions' page may not load if you have legacy conversions.
    Fixed an issue when converting content from vB5 which contains [IMG2] or [USER] BBCode.
    Fixed an issue when converters attempt to convert administrators if the last update time is available.
    Fixed a number of issues converting vB CMS attachments.
    Added permalinks to the Information, Shipping, and Reviews tabs when viewing a package in the store.
    Added a new 'neutral' display for ticket history statistics (i.e. if a statistic matches the 30 days prior).
    Fixed an issue where members could add themselves as an alternative contact.
    Changed the package seo name column length to 255 characters.
    Fixed renewal invoices being generated with the wrong billing address for transferred purchases.
    Fixed an error fetching license key info through the Commerce license key API.
    Fixed an issue where the tax name in invoice emails could be missing.
    Fixed an issue where deleting a support department can result in an error in some circumstances, if that department had custom fields mapped to it.
    Third-Party / Developer / Designer Mode
    Applications can no longer be set as the default application if they have no front modules.
    Fixed an error creating a new conversion software library using the AdminCP tools.
    Fixed an issue where content items that have not defined a `$containerNodeClass` property could throw an error during searches.



  13. Free

    Накрутка пользователей онлайн для IPS 4.x.x

    Накрутка пользователей онлайн для IPS 4.x.x
    Для установки зайдите во вкладку плагины 

    Совместимость для всех версий IPS от 4.0.1 до 4.3.6



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    Накрутка пользователей онлайн для XenForo

    Fake.Online.User.v1.0.9 - для XenForo
    установка простая заливаете на ftp, устанавливаете xml в "Дополнения в админ панеле"
    Совместимость для 1,5 1,4 - версиии



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    Invision Community Nulled 4.3.6

    Это последняя версия движка Invision Community 4.3.6
    список фиксов под спойлером:



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    Lin2-love.Ru (Fatal-World) » PvP Server Interlude x1200 [Сборка,патч,база]

    Steve - Dogs Family
    По просьбе @KaRmiN, выкладываю в шару старую сборку именитого проекта Fatal-World (lin2-love,pulse-world,chaos-world) в шару. Ранее занимался разработкой этой сборки после того как @foxtrot, закончил работу над ним.
    В архиве можете найти патч, а скачать сборку через Яндекс.Диск(<-- кликнуть) так как не заливается в очередной раз на форум.


       (0 reviews)



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    La2Onix.ru » PvP Server Interlude x5000 [Сборка + сайт + форум]

    В преддверии Нового Года Steve - Dogs Family решила порадовать свой "Клуб"

    Здесь находится полный комплект проекта la2onix.ru
    Полный бэкап сборки + базы; Полный бэкап сайта + св + шаблон; Полный бэкап форума + пользователи + шаблон; Этот проект ранее наводил большой ажиотаж в LineAge2 сфере. Теперь вы можете с него что-то извлечь для себя. .
    Сборку к сожалению не получилось по каким-то причинам залить на наш файловый хостинг, залил на Яндекс.Диск. В дальнейшем разберемся, и перезальем. Сборка ссылка: https://yadi.sk/d/N2OM9UHw3QZWSF
    Передаем приветы этому человеку, который оторвал от сердца эту шару @SamiyKrasivuy 
    Всем приятных Новогодних Праздников!




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    La2Onix.ru » PvP Server Interlude x5000 [Сборка + сайт + форум]

    В преддверии Нового Года Steve - Dogs Family решила порадовать свой "Клуб"

    Здесь находится полный комплект проекта la2onix.ru
    Полный бэкап сборки + базы; Полный бэкап сайта + св + шаблон; Полный бэкап форума + пользователи + шаблон; Этот проект ранее наводил большой ажиотаж в LineAge2 сфере. Теперь вы можете с него что-то извлечь для себя. .
    Сборку к сожалению не получилось по каким-то причинам залить на наш файловый хостинг, залил на Яндекс.Диск. В дальнейшем разберемся, и перезальем. Сборка ссылка: https://yadi.sk/d/N2OM9UHw3QZWSF
    Передаем приветы этому человеку, который оторвал от сердца эту шару @SamiyKrasivuy 
    Всем приятных Новогодних Праздников!


       (1 review)



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  20. Free

    [Ядро] PWSOFT 09.01.2017

    Из последних обновление которые вписаны на сайте + еще какие-то.
    Исправлена победа на олимпиаде, минуя CP.
    Исправление по касту скиллов с типом цели TARGET_AREA.
    Исправлена уязвимость со сбросом вторичного пароля.
    Исправлено исчезновение кастомных шадоу шмоток.
    Исправление по касту скилла Recharge.
    Доработки по таймерам покупных хиро и ПА.
    Исправление по пакету ExOlympiadMatchEnd.
    Исправлена еще одна ошибка с "Неправильная цель".
    Исправлено отображение каста, если другой игрок не видел начала каста (после телпорта и подобного).
    Исправлено передвижение по несуществующим текстурам (игрок добавлял в клиент).
    Отключено прохождение скиллов, сбивающих таргет, на кастующего печать.
    Убрана возможность разговаривать с несколькими варехаузами/фрайтами.
    Исправлено редкое отображение прыгающего чара на окнах.
    Исправлено проседание FPS из-за Hydro Blast при долгих PVP.
    Исправлена еще одна ошибка с "Неправильная цель"; жалоб больше не было.
    Исправление по конфигу AllowClassMasters.
    Переработан ивент Захват базы.
    Общая оптимизация и исправление ошибок.



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    CMS Euro-PvP.Ru - Get-Simple.

    В данной теме человек продает движок Euro-PvP, и в этой же теме выложили шару этого же движка, делаю перезалив этого файла, и добавляю описание к этому.
    Основа сайта это get-simple, к нему написан плагин Esphedor автором плагина является Vetal.
    Данные для админ панели
    Вход в админ панель: мойсайт.ру/admin/
    Логин: istevedogs
    Пароль: sgSGJAAkg1AGAGNMagk
    Настройка сервера, регистрации и подключение модулей;
    Заточить сборку под свой сервер;
    Настройка шаблона Euro-PvP, для вас это таблицы связаннные со статистикой,регистрация,лк;
    plugins\esphedor\template\ru - основа StressWeb.
    В этом движке лежат два шаблона первый main(alltar) второй trabis.
    CMS - в себе не имеет привязок, или шифрованных файлов.



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    Последние сообщения IPB!

    Хук "Последние сообщения", как на forummaxi, если возникнут вопросы как установить, или изменить настройки, пишите в этой теме.



  23. Free

    [Шара] Дизайн la2gold-world (PSD)

    Дизайн la2gold-world, от студии веб-дизайна peonline.ru



  24. Free

    [Шара] Дизайн Aracidies (PSD)

    Еще один дизайн студии peonline.ru



  25. Free

    [Шара] Airin-Промо (PSD)

    Одна из первых промо-страниц исполненная студией peonline.ru



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