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  1. Это лишнее <td><button value="Новости" action="bypass -h _bbstop" width=88 height=25 back="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF_Down" fore="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF"></td> <td><button value="Справка" action="bypass -h _bbstop;info" width=88 height=25 back="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF_Down" fore="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF"></td> <td><button value="Магазин" action="bypass -h _bbstop;shop" width=88 height=25 back="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF_Down" fore="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF"></td> <td><button value="Эвенты" action="bypass -h _bbstop;event" width=88 height=25 back="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF_Down" fore="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF"></td> Меню в папке block menu.htm
  2. И еще CCP Freya есть у кого? Которые в шаре есть а то ссылки битые везде
  3. Я за феникса, вообще там в альтБ бафер есть и все остальное
  4. snaiper


    Смогу, дай аську
  5. snaiper


    Ставил, давно
  6. snaiper


    Попробуй залить в ручную, файл находится в ...sql/install
  7. snaiper


    Если я не ошибаюсь, то нету в базе log_items.sql
  8. snaiper


    \config\log.properties ---> нету файла, из папки default скопируйте все файлы в папку config
  9. Это системы обучения, должен конфиг быть.
  10. Обьясните как исправить Конфиг GeoData # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Geodata # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # GeoData options: # 0 = GeoData and PathFinding OFF (default) # 1 = GeoData is used to check Line Of Sight (LOS) targeting and # L2Playable movement. You need to download files for data/geodata folder. # Monsters can pass walls but not aggro (no line of sight) through them. # 2 = Full GeoData enabled. Includes PathFinding (requires also /data/pathnode # files if CellPathFinding not enabled) and all character moves go through # geodata checks (if a mob passes a wall, pathfinding didn't find a route # but we allow attack and returning home). # Recommended server memory minimum 2 GB, rather 3 GB. # Default: 0 GeoData = 1 # Cell-level pathfinding, produces more accurate routes but is (maybe 10x) heavier to calculate. Recommended for small servers at least. # If False, pathnode files are used. Uses a max number of nodes in calculation which can be adjusted in the algorithm if it needs to be faster. # Default: False CellPathFinding = False # Pathfinding array buffers configuration PathFindBuffers = 100x6;128x6;192x6;256x4;320x4;384x4;500x2 # Weight for nodes without obstacles far from walls LowWeight = 0.5 # Weight for nodes near walls MediumWeight = 2 # Weight for nodes with obstacles HighWeight = 3 # Angle paths will be more "smart", but in cost of higher CPU utilization AdvancedDiagonalStrategy = True # Weight for diagonal movement. Used only with AdvancedDiagonalStrategy = True # Default: LowWeight * sqrt(2) DiagonalWeight = 0.707 # Maximum number of LOS postfilter passes, 0 will disable postfilter. # Default: 3 MaxPostfilterPasses = 3 # Path debug function. # Nodes known to pathfinder will be displayed as adena, constructed path as antidots. # Number of the items show node cost * 10 # Potions display path after first stage filter # Red potions - actual waypoints. Green potions - nodes removed by LOS postfilter # This function FOR DEBUG PURPOSES ONLY, never use it on the live server ! DebugPath = False # True = Loads GeoData buffer's content into physical memory. # False = Does not necessarily imply that the GeoData buffer's content is not resident in physical memory. # Default: True ForceGeodata = True # This setting controls Client <--> Server Player coordinates synchronization: # -1 - Will synchronize only Z from Client --> Server. Default when no geodata. # 1 - Synchronization Client --> Server only. Using this option (without geodata) makes it more difficult for players to bypass obstacles. # 2 - Intended for geodata (at least with cell-level pathfinding, otherwise can you try -1). # Server sends validation packet if client goes too far from server calculated coordinates. # Default: -1 CoordSynchronize = 2
  11. Какая версия явы? У меня такая же ошибка была из-за новой версии.
  12. Подскажите бесплатный хостинг с PHP, MySQL.
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