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[spoiler=Что нового в этой версии?]
Scheme buffer v2, Auctioneer, Misc


Tryskell, the scheme buffer v2 !
- skill names and descriptions, hold by XML rather than Config.
- less panels, easier to use.
- paging system to avoid scrolling effect.
- no "blinking" effect.
- Drop of BufferMaxSkillsPerScheme config (now uses player max).


Auctioneer instance is reworked :
- bypasses work anew (caused by getCastle() refactor)
- fix "Back" button on Bidders list (ty Anarchy)
- Cleanup and more safety (ConcurrentHashMap, less calls of .get(), everything is try/catch, return is correctly used, paging system is refreshed).


- Fix Lucky skill acquisition. Ty Ailierynn for report.
- Valakas doesn't use a dummy anymore which lighten the code and avoid to bug custom raidboss checkers showing wrong location.
- Revert interaction range edit (100 is buggy, return back to 150) until someone decides to care about all types of range in one throw.
- Fix Broadcasting Tower knownlist issue. Methods are sync-ed with observe olympiad. Drop _observerMode boolean (can be guessed with clever use of _savedLocation). inObserveMode() renamed for isInObserveMode().
- Fix the "unhandled slot type" issue. Ty Sahar.
- Addition of Flame/Control infos on castle admin panel.
- Wrath skill enchant route fix. Ty Sahar.
- Olympiads : No forced stand up on L2OFF.
- Olympiads : You are teleported back to a random town location, not your saved location.
- teachTo is slightly edited ; avoid to generate 6k empty ArrayList and drop most of getters. Ty katara.
- Rework the NPC skills holding system, avoid to generate 28k empty ArrayList.
- Rework L2TamedBeast (cleaner version).
- Fix previous revision regarding GrandBoss using returnHome. Ty Sahar.
- Fix social/abnormal admin panels/commands. Ty katara for report.


Ty to SweeTs for buffer design and Sahar for XML definition.


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