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PTS Vanganth - Classic Interlude P110

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Hello everyone, as i get many request for this, today i would like to share with you my progress of vanganth on grand crusade client at my hobby time.

This is for ppl how love the C4 or C6 gameplay style at Classic client with better graphics and gameplay.


Now you will tell me why i dont choose any leak classic 3.0 example and i loose my time on this shit, its because i dont like any other chronicle of the game and im a lover of c3-c4 and the classic gameplay on Vanganth C4 Mother core as L2Server.exe is the best Rare base on PTS platform to play the classic client gameplay or C4 Scions of Destiny. But for now because my C4 is completely done for retail, now in my free time im playing for fixing the classic vanganth. Ofcourse need full of test and will found more and more bugs but for now looks good to make it explore, already the known bugs found have been fixed.


im using a html classic because i like the classic buttons, i have done some of the html changes for work vanganth bypass etc but if you want to use the retail html you can use without problem the vanganth c6 htmls etc.

Also the Script folder is regular vangnath c6 with addon of cloaks.


if you found any bug you can report it ofcourse and i will try to figure out to fix it.


here is the fixed list as i remember: https://esl2.org/pts_classic_updates/fixes.txt


Here will be updates: https://esl2.org/pts_classic_updates/


Server is Ready to go, that means you setup it very easy because you have everything inside of the rar.

About the Source ofc im selling it but only for ppl how knows what is doing or have any good dev behind.


Client link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10dZ4wPTyh--zjXvdNiu_sJ_aa-QA6Ezu/view


Server Files/Patch/SQL 2005 Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mtqltep66asdguu/PTS+Vanganth+-+Classic+Interlude+P110.rar/file


Classic Fileedit: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dujdnthtdyzgt4t/Classic+Fileedit.rar/file


if you have any problem or found any bug issue you can send me email: zoumhs@hotmail.com or skype: zoumhs999 or Discord: EternalSin L2#1990

Report bugs here: https://discord.gg/GzNMZ9EHGK


I wish you have a good gaming and good explore!

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