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  1. Looking for skilled l2j h5 java developer. Please pm with your skype contact. Paying for job with paypal ! Speaking russian also.
  2. mazhor

    High five sborka

    Всем доброго ! Интересует Ваше мнение по поводу High five. What is the best High five project at this time in the market ? I need with source ! Thanks for answer ! I read also in Rus !
  3. Privet Merdox. Ja videl cto ty prodaval. Nu mne nado last rev ili h5 ili classic
  4. mazhor

    Куплю исходный код L2-SCRIPTS

    Куплю исходный код L2-SCRIPTS H5 или Classic 2.5 Zaken last rev. в PM.
  5. Up ! Looking again ! Need proxy slider. Paying 50-100euro for coding paypal !
  6. mazhor

    прокси слайдер

    Kto mozhet prodat kod proxy slide ? 50-100euro. paypal. PM
  7. Hello, people. So im looking for skilled java developer to work in mine interlude project. For every fix / job i will pay good amout of money. Please contact me via PM.