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  1. Updated -Icarus Orange Weapon [Interlude] -Ixion Weapon (1) [Interlude] -Ixion Weapon (2) [Interlude] -Pack Shield (34) [Interlude]
  2. Updated -Dark Electro Armor [Interlude] -Gold Armor [Interlude] -Gretres Ixion Armor [Interlude] -Pack Jewels (New Icon) serv. La2-Nika[Interlude]
  3. Updated -Akamanah (red blue green) Helmet [Interlude] -Baium Hair [Interlude] -Black Wizard Hat [Interlude] -Demon Helmet (2) [Interlude] -Demon Wings [Interlude]
  4. Updated -R95 Weapons [Interlude] -Valakas Weapon + Red and Blue Effect [Interlude] -Vesper Weapon [Interlude] -Weapon (894) [Interlude] -Weapon (895) [Interlude]
  5. Updated -Morgana Wings [Interlude] -Seraphim Helmet [Interlude] -Freya Weapon [Interlude] -GOD Weapon R90 [Interlude] -Pack Virus and Tera Shield [Interlude]
  6. Updated -2 Shield (21) [Interlude] -Animated Shield [Interlude] -Blood Black Weapon [Interlude] -Demon Weapons [Interlude] -Dual Fire Demonic [Interlude]
  7. Updated -Blood Armor & Weapons [Interlude] -Blood Poseidon Armor [Interlude] -Blue Armor & Weapons [Interlude] -Demon Armor[Interlude] -Ice Vesper Armor [Interlude]
  8. Updated -2 Aion Helmet [Interlude] -Blood Wings (e33) [Interlude] -Demon Helmet [Interlude] -Demon Wings Blue [Interlude] -Hat (2) [Interlude]
  9. Updated -Antharas Armor [Interlude] -Demonic Armor [Interlude] -Inferno Armor [Interlude] -Vesper Green Cannabis Armor [Interlude] -Naruto Cloth [Gracia Part 1]
  10. Updated -Hellsing Helmet [Interlude] -Mask Shadow Spirit [Interlude] -Mini Pack Epic Jewels [Interlude] -Pack Tattoo Manipulador [Interlude] -Wings Ice (46) [Interlude]
  11. Updated -Cabelo Baium Dreds [Interlude] -Desert Ice Eagle Wings [Interlude] -Domi Jewels [Interlude] -Freya and Lilith Necklace, Lindvior Earring, Tauti Ring (Jewels) [Interlude] -Goku Mask [Interlude]
  12. Updated -Shock Wings [Interlude] -Pack Ice Shield [Interlude] -Rifle Weapon [Interlude] -Weapons Pink [Interlude]
  13. Updated -Kunda Helmet [Interlude] -Pack Wings Of Aion [Interlude] -Resident Evell Wings [Interlude] -Resident Evell Wings 2 [Interlude] -Risident Matrix Dred [Interlude]
  14. Updated -Blaze Weapons [Interlude] -ByOrion Icarus Weapons [Interlude] -Draconic Bow Gold [Interlude] -Emerald Weapons [Interlude] -Mystical Weapon [Interlude]
  15. Updated -ResiDenT Evell Armor [Interlude] -Resident Matrix Armor [Interlude] -Soul Desert Eagle Armor [Interlude] -Vesper Dragon Blue Armor [Interlude] -Water Armor (47) [Interlude]
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