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* object pools for Env and MoveInfo classes
* fixed MoveData object not being cleared before release
* improved "knownlist" calculation and performance + packet broadcasts
- removed L2PcNpcInstance
* Refactor L2GameClientPacket
* reworked L2Object spawn/despawn mechanics, knownlist updates and zone validation
* fix minion spawn/despawn + reworked minion lists
* fix ConcurrentModificationException in net.sf.l2j.gameserver.util.MinionList#despawnAll
* fix IllegalStateException in net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance.L2MonsterInstance#manageMinions
* fix ConcurrentModificationException in net.sf.l2j.gameserver.Shutdown#disconnectAllCharacters
* better synchronization in L2Object spawnMe and decayMe methods
* deleted spawnOne method from L2Spawn
* - reworked L2World deleteVisibleNpcSpawns and respawnVisibleNpcSpawns methods
- added few more debug exceptions in L2WorldRegion#removeVisibleObject method
* reworked AdvancedGuard radar task
* reworked DecayTaskManager
* fixed boat spawn
* fixed item drop & pickup described in #1 + reworked knownlist remove notifications
* object spawn/despawn/move world container mechanics
* removed L2World class
* Implemented ObjectStorage to store all in-game objects
* implemented zones support for world containers
* minor spawning/despawning fixes
- removed knownlists
* changed geoengine
* changed movement controller
* fixed container activation
* fixed mob aggro
* fixed despawn broadcasts
* fixed auto attack stance task cancellation
* fixed player restart decay
* fixed world npc despawn tasks: enclosed minion despawns
* fixed movement synchronization
* fixed GeoEngine movement check: cell height should not be checked when testing walkability of the cell
* fixed NPE broadcasting packets while not in world
* fixed movement bugs by reworking move component
* fixed Container world coordinates calculation
* fixed zone re-validation upon movement
* fixed decay task manager
* fix: Invantory equipItem should be used instead of equipItemAndRecord where return value in not used
* refactoring in L2Object spawn/despawn mechanics
* fixed mob respawn
* world containers are now creating with respect to height (z-coord)
* native GeoEngine WIP
* fixed geoengine bugs + missing dll
* minor movement fix
* fixed geoengine pathfinding bug
* fixed position synchronization bug (hopefully)
- removed debug in Trajectory
* log warning when spawntable contains invalid spawn NPC types
* fixed object info's being sent to client too early during teleportation
* fixed character creation bug
* fix container discover/conceal events being sent to self
* fixed character follow
* fixed bug when NPC position was updated of player follow during ObjectPosition.applyOffset call
* fixed interact intention for L2PcInstance
* java quests + prop java script loader
* Quest engine fixes and cleanup
* quest: added zone enter/exit events
* added more Pair object classes
- removed IntIntHolder in favor of new PairIntInt class
* begin reworking zones
+ onSkillSee (replaced onSkillUse)
+ onAttackAct
+ onDecay
+ onCreatureSee
* fixed karma and relation changes broadcasts
* player: deleted individual player pvp flag timers in favor of global task manager
* player: small changes to player status update broadcasts
* reworked character targeting
* fixed actor follow bug in AbstractAI
* reworked MagicSkillLaunched packet
* reworked CharStat and CharStatus initialization
+ performance optimizations in Container class
* fixed object world visibility check
* fixed moveToPawn mechanics:
* fixed movement within actor collision radius
* reworked interaction distance calculation
* minor tweaks to AbstractAI, L2AttackableAI, L2PlayerAI, L2CharacterAI
* fixed container's mobs AI activation/deactivation
- removed(!) fake/fantom/partner player support
* started reworking general AI
* minor movement fixes
* fixed movement describe for character
* fixed lance attack bug mentioned in #16 by introducing new stat calculation function
* fixed despawned objects being left as other objects targets
- removed "statusListener" system in favor of newly introduced target references list used to fix "despawned targets" bug
* fixed karma broadcast attempt while loading player (not yet in game)
* minor tweaks to CharStatus in attempt to fix "undead players" bug
* fix container validation not checking for object visibility properly
* log RunnableImpl exceptions using current java logger
* minor rework in L2GuardInstance
* debug option to visually display Container borders in game
* test fixes to GeoData path finding and Movement controller
* GeoEngine: water movement and movement controller improvements
* fixed path finding not accepting short paths
* fixed npc and mob spawning height bugs
+ minor skill cooldown rework
+ minor raid minion refactoring
* fixed attack stance bug mentioned in #12 along with some fixes to AI. this should also fix community board opening bug mentioned in #11

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* fixed pvp flag issues mentioned in #14
+ DBQuery class + example
* refactor vote rewards
* more fixes + hikaricp connection pool
* sorted out default configs
* migrating from ant to gradle
* restructured distribution folder structure and added build packaging scripts
* moved most util classes to commons
* login server refactoring: log4j2 logger
* use mariadb connector instead of mysql
* removed use of javolution library from login server
+ new login server
* reimplemented all login server packets
* fixed some game server packets
* use common network classes on gameserver
* updated loginserver dist
* removed javolution use from commons
* migration: TextBuilder -> StringBuilder
* migration: FastList -> ArrayList
* migration: FastTable -> ArrayList
* migration: FastMap -> HashMap/ConcurrentHashMap
* migration: FastSet -> HashSet
* log4j2 for gameserver
* removed TimeLogger
* logger example
* Java Logger to slf4j Logger
* System.out.println to slf4j Logger

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