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  1. Hello , I have instailed Nexus Engine into Etinas Fate of L2jmobius plus added some small codes I need fully follow l2jmobius updates at private SVN ( i m premium member ) so i need a skilled developer to keep untuched my personal updates and update my files to latest mobius files my old dev cant do it these days so i need a new skilled ... Plus i need a lot of new features and fixes into nexus engine and mobius files Price per hour may increase if you are fast , or we can do a better payment by month depends always on project progress just be skilled and know what you do.. i m searching a good dev over 1 month and no1 cant help me !! its so difficult these days to find a good dev :/
  2. mobius have the latest classic , Secret of empire , its not rdy for a live server..
  3. I m looking for Java Developer 10$ hour skype: live:striligasgsl
  4. Hello guys , i m looking for dev work and get payed per month
  5. Go at L2jmobius.com & download free clean compiled pack without backdoors etc
  6. well , its compiled the last revision , its an exampe for their work they have some bugs but all packs got bugs , yea sorry about link its l2jmobius.com before 1 year i had their free Helios client and was many bugs .. now i m using Grand crusade and have some small bugs and its playable with your test pack will be better and better
  7. Просмотр файла Mobius Classic 2.0 Saviors 4534 rev : Clean Mobius decided to share clean classic pack L2mobius.com Добавил l2renous Добавлено 10/03/18 Категория Сборки Автор Classic Хроники L2Classic  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Mobius decided to share clean classic pack L2mobius.com


  9. i cant log in also , it say wrong password .. do you have any clean system for log in please?
  10. u rework an old site. nothing special dude :/
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