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    Source RvR

    Source RvR

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    Исходник L2Tenkai GoD Helos

    Исходники (за 24 мая 2017 года) от L2Tenkai для пользователей http://forummaxi.ru/
    Основа сборки L2Tenkai Команда которая работала над ядром http://www.l2tenkai.com
    Если понравились исходники, то ставьте + если хочешь видеть следующие исходники в шаре. Для вас старался MrWindows

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    Шара исходов GC

    Какие то исходники Grand Crusade.

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    aCis 366 Build, Source, Diff

    Changeset 366 (664)
    Castle, Siege part II, ZoneManager / zones, Clans, Misc
    - Rename _zone > _siegeZone (getter included).
    - Move zones attributions to entity creation (instead of getters).
    Siege part II
    - Due to following ZoneManager and zones rework, we now support :
    - PKs are ported in the vicinity of second closest town (and not inside).
    - banished players are ported in the vicinity of the castle (and not on closest town).
    - Cleanup L2SiegeFlagInstance, it works even if clan parameter is broken.
    - Cleanup loadSiegeClan() uses, which were called on numerous useless places (called on startSiege(), approveSiegeDefenderClan(), removeSiegeClan(), startAutoTask()).
    - On castle siege end, if your clan is victorious versus former clan, you gain static 1K CRP instead of calculated amount based on former clan CRPs.
    - All CastleManager.getInstance().getCastle(player) used to only retrieve an ACTIVE siege are now replaced by CastleManager.getInstance().getSiege(player), as it is shorter and cleaner.
    - Drop SiegeClan layer. Siege flag is now registered on L2Clan.
    - Creation of SiegeSide enum. Store it under String format rather than int (similar to CabalType, SealType, etc).
    - CopyOnWriteArrayLists about attackers / defenders / pending defenders are replaced by a single ConcurrentHashMap (better performance and avoid heavy lists manipulations).
    - Creation of checkSide(L2Clan), checkSide(L2Clan, SiegeSide), checkSides(L2Clan, SiegeSide...) methods, which is now the center of sides checks (instead of getAttackerClan / getDefenderClan).
    - Drop the possiblity for a clan to hold numerous headquarters flags (it was producing a IOOBE when the first flag of the list was destroyed anyway).
    - L2Clan.isRegisteredOnSiege() method simply checks memory content rather than making a SQL query.
    - Fix following checks :
    - dissolve alliance now checks if ANY allied clans is registered on a active siege (before was only checking your clan status).
    - create alliance now checks if your clan is registered into an ACTIVE siege (avoid to stuck creation if you're castle lord).
    - join alliance now checks if the invited clan is registered as an opposite clan, on any active siege. The previous check checking both characters are on siege zone is dropped (pointless).
    ZoneManager / zones
    - Little cleanup of ZoneManager (drop of getArena(L2PcInstance), getOlympiadStadium(L2PcInstance), checkId(int) and getClosestZone(L2Object, Class<T>) methods).
    - L2SiegeZone zones are now considered L2SpawnZone, and hold following L2OFF lists : other_restart_village_list && chao_restart_point_list. Drop the isGM() exception from banishForeigners. Zones shape match with retail values.
    - L2CastleZone zones now hold banish_point_list. chao_restart_point_list is moved to L2SiegeZone, but still hold owner_restart_point_list. We drop _castle variable, which is pointless. Zones shape match with retail values.
    - L2CastleTeleportZone cleanup (isOnline() check is wrong, it basically means a offline shop can stay here).
    - L2ZoneType _characterList is edited from CopyOnWriteArrayList to ConcurrentHashMap (performance boost). The class is cleaned up (javadocs, comments, organization).
    - ZoneManager _debugItems is edited from List to ConcurrentHashMap (performance boost).
    - L2DynamicZone is deleted (no purpose).
    - //zone_visual adena drop count reflects zone id (for an instant overview). Their step spawn is also cutted by 2.5 (from 20 to 50) to faster the generation process.
    - clans are registered into a ConcurrentHashMap to avoid ConcurrentException. Drop synchronized keywords. getClans() returns a Collection instead of array.
    - destroyClan() is reworked ; parameter is now a L2Clan, the clan is removed of ANY siege (before : only if you had a castle)
    - getClanAllies() returns a Collections.emptyList() if no alliance is found.
    - checkAllyJoinCondition is now static (as variables are setted up as parameters).
    - RequestRestartPoint packet is cleaned up, jail location is now static.
    - Drop ALT_GAME_FREE_TELEPORT config, as HTMs can't scale with that config (were still displaying adena cost).
    - Fix L2TeleportLocation isForNoble() item consumption, ty Heinsenberg.
    - Fix skillId 1402 enchantlevel, ty Anarchy.
    - Fix TownPet instance task. Ty TreasureHuman for report.
    - Fix the merchant NPE due to Castle rework.
    - Random cleanup
    - MapRegionTable.getTeleToLocation renamed getLocationToTeleport (english plz). Method is cleaned up, MDT location is now static.
    - FIXED revive option uses player.getPosition() rather than generating a new Location object based on x/y/z.
    - RequestAnswerJoinAlly packet is secured (transaction is correctly cleaned up).
    PS : due to Sieges part II, sieges_clans is edited. I invite you to either drop the whole table and add the new one asking your players to register anew on sieges (castle owners are automatically registered), or you can query it to edit all int values to String values.

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    aCis 367 Build, Source, Diff

    Changeset 367 (668)
    Reorganization ! You will hate me.
    Edit all instance types.
    All instances types are shortcuted as following : L2PetInstance > Pet (remove "L2" and "Instance" from naming convention, to shortcut checks and writing style).
    Mother classes simply lose the "L2" prefix (L2Attackable, L2Character, L2Playable,...).
    The previous rule doesn't apply exactly on following cases :
    - L2BufferInstance > SchemeBuffer (fits better with the role).
    - L2PcInstance > Player (I guess Pc stands for 'player character', so make it more intuitive).
    - L2SummonInstance > Servitor (to avoid confusion between L2Summon and L2SummonInstance ; the first being mother class of all summons and second being summoners servitors).
    - L2XMassTreeInstance > ChristmasTree (because we aren't #1337 #YOLO #Swag #doge).
    - L2WarehouseInstance > WarehouseKeeper (conflict with Warehouse, part of Inventory).
    - L2CastleWarehouseInstance > CastleWarehouseKeeper (to fit with above).
    - L2CabaleBufferInstance > CabalBuffer (cabal in english, not cabale).
    - L2ArtefactInstance > HolyThing (L2OFF naming).
    - L2ObservationInstance > BroadcastingTower (more proper name).
    - L2NpcInstance > Folk (because those are considered as non attackable targets).
    - L2MutedNpcInstance > MutedFolk (because they are based on Folk).
    - L2FriendlyMobInstance > FriendlyMonster (Monster not Mob).
    - L2NpcWalkerInstance > Walker (drop of Npc).
    - L2TeleporterInstance > Gatekeeper (fits better with the role).
    - L2DoormenInstance > Doorman (not plural).
    - L2CastleDoormenInstance > CastleDoorman (not plural).
    - L2ClanHallDoormenInstance > ClanHallDoorman (not plural).
    - L2GoldenRamInstance > GoldenRamMercenary (more informative).
    - L2CastleTeleporterInstance > CastleGatekeeper.
    - All "Manager" ending NPC types are followed by "Npc" to avoid any conflict with instancemanager (ex : L2ClanHallManagerInstance > ClanHallManagerNpc), even if there isn't any conflict (just respect same rule everytime).
    - Rename StaticObject serverpacket to StaticObjectInfo (after all we got CharInfo, PetInfo, UserInfo,...), to avoid conflict with StaticObject instance type.
    - Fix //removecastle admincommand (owner was still listed).
    - Fix Christmas Trees (and cleanup the instance). Ty Azik for report.
    - Deletion of GNU headers. Reasons :
    - aCis uses its own licence.
    - There is more licence than actual code characters in 80% of classes (notably packets).
    - Faster search tool, lighweight-ier sources when distributed.
    - Edit of licence.htm with latest aCis ToA.
    PS : Since it's a complete mess, I will share, exceptionally, the complete pack on rev 367. For people who already owns a server, may Elmoroden gods pity you. I'm the best troll ever.

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    aCis 368 Build, Source, Diff

    Changeset 368 (712)
    Chamberlain Manor's Certificates feature, Cleanup Config, Login, MMOCore, Instance rename && reorganization part II, Logging rework, Misc
    Chamberlain Manor's Certificates
    - Implement a missing castle chamberlain feature, the possibility to buy Manor's Certificates. HTMs and behavior is OFF-like.
    - Added "//reset_certificates castleName" admincommand. Integrate it on the castle panel (had to reorganize it a little).
    Cleanup Config
    - Drop DATABASE_MAX_IDLE_TIME time (set to 0 by default).
    - Re-order login/server .properties
    - Drop ACCEPT_ALTERNATE_ID / REQUEST_ID from login on Config.java (weren't existing on .properties, not used by login)
    - Drop external/internal hostnames system ; only one hostname is allowed.
    - LoginServerThread cleanup :
    - Drop _waitingClients (synchronized, check logic already handled by the other CHMap).
    - Drop some variables (7 were calling Config), some unused methods. Some rename are made.
    - Move some of the security check logic here and there to make it cleaner.
    - ServerStatus content is reorganized in both LS and GS sides. Addition of age limit / pvp server tags.
    - FloodProtectedListener connections are registered on a ConcurrentHashMap.
    - Creation of ServerData class (was part of ServerList packet). Cleanup of ServerList for easier proxy handler implementation.
    - Creation of GameServerInfo class (was part of GameServerTable).
    - Avoid to crash on packet read buffer underflow (client connection is dropped instead).
    - Tweak MMOCore values to process packets x4 faster (5k packets = from 16s to 4s).
    Instance rename && reorganization part II
    - L2Object is renamed WorldObject.
    - Character (previously L2Character) is renamed Creature due to class already defined on JDK (and making imports complicated).
    - AI models are renamed to fit with new naming convention (PlayerAI, PlayableAI, CreatureAI, etc).
    - The package gameserver.ai is now moved on gameserver.model.actor.ai (best location). ai.model is renamed ai.type (because gameserver.model.actor.ai.model was redundant).
    - Templates, Stat && Status models are renamed to fit with new naming convention.
    Logging rework
    - log.cfg is renamed logging.properties.
    - Drop 'audit' layer && associated IllegalPlayerAction system (all punishements are deleted, DefaultPunish && DefaultPunishParam configs are dropped). Reason : that's the point you write integrity checks.
    - Drop GMAudit, uses the default formatter/handler/filter (all GMs are written on the same file).
    - Whole logging system is moved into commons. Create 'filter', 'formatter' && 'handler' packages on log. Rename package 'log' to 'logging'.
    - All handlers got a limit and a count to avoid to flood server with logs. The log limit is set to 1mo instead of 500ko. The count is setted to 5 files.
    - All logs are now moved in their own folders (those folders are created by default).
    - Logs name pattern has been edited (typeName_count.txt), the extension is now .txt.
    - All formatters are based on same writting style.
    - Merge math methods from Util with MathUtil. Delete Util.
    - banned_ip.cfg is renamed banned_ips.properties.
    - FloodProtectors class is moved from gameserver.util to gameserver.network.
    - Addition of SysUtil, holding system related methods.
    - L2Bookmark > Bookmark + basic cleanup of BookmarkTable.
    - Minor cleanup of GameServer and L2LoginServer (don't keep references when not needed, drop of "L2" > LoginServer).
    - MinionList cleanup, replace the CopyOnWriteArrayList (poor performance).
    - Minor cleanup of RaidBoss (drop a double isMovementDisabled() check).
    - Fix a typo error on query prior to sieges rework, ty HaddWik for report. Minor Siege class cleanup.
    - SevenSigns minor cleanup (drop 3 redundant static variables and one method).
    - Slight cleanup of RecipeShopSellList packet (avoid .get on a for loop).
    - villagemaster/30594.htm edit.
    PS: if you got better log writting style, I would eventually integrate it.
    PS2: build.xml is edited, some .properties are edited.

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    чистий исходник c5

    предупреждаю проблема конекта с логином иза патчей а имено l2.exe
    кто иправит поделитесь буду благодарен

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    Source L2JFatum (acis)

    Последняя рева исходников фатума.
    Пользуйтесь кому нужно.
    Подробней в теме разработчиков - http://forummaxi.ru/topic/55379-l2jfatum/

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    Исходный код проекта la2peaktop.ru

    Исходный код проекта La2реактор.
    Выкладываю в связи с тем что заказчик не выполнил своих денежных обязательств перед исполнителями.
    В основе исходного кода лежит EmuRT, что само по себе намекает на крайне говенное качество реализации и всего прочего. Более того - если верить баг-репорту игроков на форумах данных серверов - сборка впринципе не особо играбельная, куча примитивных багов и прочего говна. Поэтому ставить на лайв крайне не рекомендую. Возможно скачать в ознакомительных целях, но не более того. Тащить из исхода впринципе нечего, от шары отличается +/- парой-тройкой модов и ивентов/команд/ прочей фигни понакрученных откуда-то либо написанных самими. Короче говоря, если в говно воткнуть пять палок, оно всё равно останется говном просто с пятью палками.
    Пароль на архив можно узнать у меня в лс, но заранее попрошу пользователей не расшаривать архив без пароля. Всем спасибо.

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    aCis 371 Build, Source, Diff

    Changeset 371 (821)
    Datatype reorganization, Skill stuff, Misc
    Datatype reorganization
       - MapRegionTable > MapRegionData
          - Javadoc, extends XMLDocument, moved to data.xml, edit for mapRegions.xml. Drop useless methods.
       - PlayerNameTable > PlayerInfoTable
          - Javadoc, moved to data.sql, DataHolder > PlayerInfo.
       - DoorTable > DoorData
          - Javadoc, extends XMLDocument, moved to data.xml, StatsSet reuse, writting style.
       - RecipeTable > RecipeData
          - Javadoc, extends XMLDocument, moved to data.xml, StatsSet used for Recipe, RecipeList > Recipe. Extract RecipeItemMaker from RecipeData, and create model.craft package to store it.
          - The data is reparsed using L2OFF data.
          - Fix an issue with recipe name when destroying such recipe from book (was the case for Orcish Poleaxe for example).
          - Rework character_recipebook table, dropping one column. Datatypes are tweaked.
          - Fix an issue on complete recipe book destroy ; the deleted stuff wasn't saved on database.
          - Rework RecipeBookItemList packet. Add a missing use of it on Recipes itemhandler (refresh book or open it on recipe addition).
       - CharTemplateTable > PlayerData
          - Skill trees are now stored directly into player templates under a List, rather than SkillTreeTable. Most methods are moved into Player, since its a generic needed parameter.
          - We don't store anymore Item template list (for character creation items generation), but int array (since storing Item templates was pointless and not even used correctly).
          - All methods got a "single" and "all" versions to avoid to loop for nothing on all skills.
       - SkillTreeTable > SkillTreeData
          - Rework all skills holders, and move them on model.skillnode
          - All methods got a "single" and "all" versions to avoid to loop for nothing on all skills.
       - BufferTable > BufferManager
          - Use XMLDocument, move to data package, rename/cleanup. Data is edited to reflect changes.
          - Add an integrity check for available skills on player schemes loading to avoid NPE. Ty katara.
    Skill stuff
       - Drop getSkillLearningClassId / setSkillLearningClassId concept.
       - Drop _expertiseIndex. It is now directly calculated from skill 239 level, and can be found using getSkillLevel().
       - Rework subclass skills addition. We only storeSkill the final List, leading to a massive drop of mid-operations. Ty vladalien for the initial workbench.
       - Cleanup removeSkill() / storeSkill().
       - autoGet skills are handled by PlayerTemplate data (skills with getSpCost == 0), the stuff isn't hardcoded anymore.
       - getSkillLevel returns 0 instead of -1 if no skill is found, making checks easier to write.
       - hasSkill is used instead of getSkillLevel when skill existence is needed, but we don't specifically need the level.
       - Skill enchantable routes now handle level 79 and 80. Each route can be manually edited.
       - Fix a visual issue about shortcut refresh on failed enchant skill.
       - Drop RATE_CONSUMABLE_COST && ALT_GAME_SHIELD_BLOCKS configs. Rename some players.properties configs.
       - Addition of StatsSet getIntIntHolder, getIntIntHolderList && getDoubleArray.
       - Fix an issue using a toggle when you run to a target with ATTACK intention. Ty Sahar.
       - getCurrentFolkNPC() -> getCurrentFolk(). The value retained is now a Folk, not a Npc.
       - Fix an issue on RequestAnswerJoinAlly introduced on rev 366, ty sahar.
       - Region size decreases from 4096 to 2048 (x4 WorldRegion amount, vision is reduced from 6k to 3k max). It now fits retail knownlist range.
       - Fist Weapon is moved from Player to PlayerTemplate (no calculation needed anymore on player login).
       - Formatting rule for lambdas && try-with-ressources. Use lambda writting style for all Runnable.
       - Cleanup L2Request > Request, keep a reference of the task to cancel it on onRequestResponse().
       - RequestRestartPoint doesn't use anymore a Runnable for instant use.
       - Drop door onEvtAttacked behavior, which was adding a ridiculous amount of operations for nothing.
       - RequestCrystallizeItem packet is cleaned up (avoid getItemByObjectId x2, World.getInstance().removeObject is already handled).

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    aCis 372[Soruce] + CatsGuard

    Changeset 372 (846) Datatype organization,  Recommendation system, Sahar fixes, AdminCommands, Misc

    Datatype organization
          - Moved to data.manager, we use IdFactory to get a fresh id, Javadoc.
          - Moved to data.manager, rename it, use of StatsSet. Data is edited to reflect changes. Javadoc addition.
       Lottery > LotteryManager
          - Moved to data.manager, renamed LotteryManager, basic cleanup.
          - Initialization is made on Gameserver (before it was a lazy initialization).
       MonsterRace > DerbyTrackManager
          - Moved to data.manager, renamed MonsterRace > DerbyTrackManager, generic cleanup.
          - HistoryInfo is moved into model package.
          - RaceManagerNpc is renamed DerbyTrackManagerNpc.
          - moved to data.manager, cleanup.
          - IdFactory id is correctly released on couple deletion.
       Skill datatype part II
          - Pet weight system (not overload, only the lower levels handled by weight penalty) is "desactivated" time I find a workaround to avoid a NPE.
          - Merge addSkill / removeSkill methods on Player, since it's the only place it is used. There is only one way to addSkill / removeSkill for now.
          - getAvailableAutoGetSkills() / getAllAvailableSkills() don't filter skills based on current player skills (skills correctly delevel back).
          - addSkill got a check to avoid to add a skill you already own (for now it uses equals, not sure if correctly working)
          - Don't save/restore autoGet skills since they're rewarded on player restore, saving 10+ skills per character. When an autoGet skill becomes a regular skill (cf. Wind Strike), it is stored into db.

    Recommendation system
       - The task runs at 13:00 and not 06:30 (was a postIL date).
       - The task both handles online and offline players. Recommendations are normally correctly calculated for everyone.
       - The saving process has been entirely reworked ; _lastRecomUpdate is dropped.

    Sahar fixes
       - Fix many Item Skills.
       - Fix Focus Death / Focus Power.
       - Fix Special Ability: Mighty Mortal.
       - Fix Special Ability: Infinity Scepter.
       - Fix Frenzy.
       - Fix Mystic Immunity.
       - Provide enchant routes for Rain of Fire.
       - Fix SystemMessage in CombatPointHeal.
       - isDebuff is initialized before isOffensive, since it is used by isOffensive.
       - Make use of IS_CRAFTING_ENABLED config in Recipes.
       - StatsSet: getList/getMap now return generic List/Map.
       - Added missing items to Blacksmith of Mammon SA removal multisell.
       - Added packet: ExServerPrimitive.
       - Added getters for custom use: BufferTable#getAvailableBuffs, MultisellData#getList, Hero#getAllHeroes.
       - Added abnormal="changetexture" to Zaken skill id 4223.
       - Fix summons stucking in walls on summon process.
       - Fix basemul wasn't working at all for MCritRate stat.
       - Drop z1 parameter from 2d MathUtil#calculateDistance method.
       - Fix the movement issue when you run near a NPC and interact with it (initial movement intention was kept).
       - Fix missing skills from previous resist rework. NPC resists should work anew correctly.
       - Fix OlympiadManager message.
       - Fix stuck character if new target is null (case of targeting high altitude wyvern users), and drop the Z check.
       - Fix all occurences of -100 > -1 for character ban process, prior to AdminData cleanup. Ty hqsly for report.
       - //invul command is deleted. //setinvul now work on any Creature type.
       - Fix //heal radius attribute.

       - ServerRestart / ServerShutdown tasks are by default done on WEEKLY time rather than DAILY (still commented by default).
       - Delete unused "char_slot" tag on characters.sql
       - Few rename/edits regarding CharSelectInfo packet and associated content.
       - Pet instance entire cleanup (rework and String-ify queries, drop _isRespawned tag and updateRefOwner() method).
       - Fix a NPE on siege zone ressurection for clanless people.
       - Added retail implementation of shift click (interact/attack without moving). GMs can still use GM panel, but it will be replaced in case of a successful NPC interaction by regular showChatWindow.
       - Edit doormen/busy.htm.
       - Create a new instance type, BorderGuard, for "Guardian of Border" NPCs (those NPCs aren't Gatekeeper anymore, since they weren't using any functionalities of this instance). Move related bypasses and showChatWindow behaviors from Npc to it.
       - Add/edit/drop some javadoc.
       - CastleManager#getSiege() is renamed getActiveSiege() because it only shows sieges in progress (reflect better the result).
       - showPkDenyChatWindow uses are now made on both onBypassFeedback and showChatWindow, on the correct instances (to avoid instanceof checks).
       - Drop Gatekeeper validateCondition system (not retail and was using HTMs which weren't existing). The "siege in progress" check on teleport location is still correctly handled.
       - Delete PartyMatchRoom creation/edition logs.

    PS : characters.sql loses "last_recom_date" and "char_slot" parameters.

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    JTS Source 2015

    Исходный код JTS 2015 года. Такой же, который был и в квесте.

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  13. Бесплатный

    Lindvior Source Westeros

    Вот выкладаваю исход старый от Westeros  нашол на буржуйским форуме 531 протокол 

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  14. Бесплатный

    L2-Scripts Zaken (2.0 Zaken) Source code

    есть ли привязки не в курсе
    (увидел на соседнем форуме думаю тут должны быть тоже)  - многие говорят полнейший Шлак

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  15. Бесплатный

    Source Acis 374 + diffs

    исходный код Acis 374 + diffs

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  16. Бесплатный

    Last Source JTS 2018 без ключа

    Данный соурс без ключа,юзайте,фиксите,учитесь.

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  17. Бесплатный

    lost-hf 2018

    исходник лост-ворд hf свежий ну я хз кому как  народ если хотите дальше обновый и улушение пишите я постораюст улушит и исправить проблем

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